ARI 0.10 and bug fixes

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Sun, 04/30/2006 - 5:23am. :: PBX

Released 0.10 a while back, it is meant to be a bug fix release. This is a good practice when building software. Build an aggressive release and then focus exclusively to fix bugs in the next release. Actually, I waited until 0.10.01 to post this as there were a ton of fixes made even in 0.10.0. Everything from the removal of '^M" line returns, AJAX screen blanking fixes, to rare problems that only happen to people with unique configurations. I know there may be more bugs lurking in there, but I am confident the build is much more robust. My automated testing is not complete, but coming along nicely and will also help to keep the code bug free. If you find a bug do not hesitate to let me know about it so I can address it. I appreciate everyone that continues to provide feedback and contribute to the project. Never would have thought I would receive this kind of response.

ARI 0.08 with AJAX

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Wed, 03/08/2006 - 9:19am. ::

ARI 0.08 is released!

Things are moving pretty fast, but this release in particular has a really cool new feature. I have been reading up on AJAX and ARI is now AJAX enabled and the voicemail and call monitor pages now self update. This update happens behind the scenes and new entries just magically show up without any page flashing.

For AJAX, I opted for a coarse model where the main content of the page reloads at an interval. I learned alot in the process, and had to visit a number of websites to understand how it works and piece together a working version that supported most browsers. (and will fail gracefully if things like javascript are disabled. Will probably write a more detailed analysis on AJAX in the coming days.

ARI 0.06

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Thu, 02/16/2006 - 3:15pm. :: PBX

ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface) has reached another milestone.
The project is starting to become a full featured user portal and
handle all the common errors that people seem to have. This release

call monitor page – new features include column sorting and filter
small duration calls in addition to the ability to listen
to call monitor recordings

voicemail page – allows voicemail message listening and management

handset feature code help page - I can never remember them all

user settings web interface - that allows setting call fowarding,
voicemail email and pager, voicemail
password, and call monitor recording

There are also alot of i18n translations now, although with all the
rework of the code many are now somewhat broken and need to be
updated. If you speak one of the following, email and I will send you
the page to translate or updating to the appropriate ari.po page and
returning it to me would be very helpful.


If you would like to translate ARI into another language, I would be
happy to support it.

Loaded into AMP CVS and also here:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Greek and AJAX

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 9:59pm. :: Software Dev.

It’s been quite a struggle lately with language tools. Learned more than I wanted to know about i18n internationalization (for php that's gettext). You know, the mumbo jumbo to translate language from one to another. I was doing ok until I needed to use Unicode, Greek Unicode to be exact. So I looked and looked and was lucky enough to get help from folks in Sweden (Niklas Larsson) and Greece (Elias Sofronas). This is what a learned.

First of all there are all kinds of character encodings. This is something I was somewhat familiar with, but never thought about in a practical matter. Since I speak English as my first language, most things are encoded in Latin1 or something similar and I am none the wiser. When using more complex character sets how it is encoded becomes very important and UTF-8 is where it is at. Almost every language will work with UTF-8.