ARI 0.06

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Thu, 02/16/2006 - 3:15pm. :: PBX

ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface) has reached another milestone.
The project is starting to become a full featured user portal and
handle all the common errors that people seem to have. This release

call monitor page – new features include column sorting and filter
small duration calls in addition to the ability to listen
to call monitor recordings

voicemail page – allows voicemail message listening and management

handset feature code help page - I can never remember them all

user settings web interface - that allows setting call fowarding,
voicemail email and pager, voicemail
password, and call monitor recording

There are also alot of i18n translations now, although with all the
rework of the code many are now somewhat broken and need to be
updated. If you speak one of the following, email and I will send you
the page to translate or updating to the appropriate ari.po page and
returning it to me would be very helpful.


If you would like to translate ARI into another language, I would be
happy to support it.

Loaded into AMP CVS and also here:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.