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Greek and AJAX

Submitted by dan.littlejohn on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 9:59pm. :: Software Dev.

It’s been quite a struggle lately with language tools. Learned more than I wanted to know about i18n internationalization (for php that's gettext). You know, the mumbo jumbo to translate language from one to another. I was doing ok until I needed to use Unicode, Greek Unicode to be exact. So I looked and looked and was lucky enough to get help from folks in Sweden (Niklas Larsson) and Greece (Elias Sofronas). This is what a learned.

First of all there are all kinds of character encodings. This is something I was somewhat familiar with, but never thought about in a practical matter. Since I speak English as my first language, most things are encoded in Latin1 or something similar and I am none the wiser. When using more complex character sets how it is encoded becomes very important and UTF-8 is where it is at. Almost every language will work with UTF-8.

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